BAS Technologies specialize in providing software infrastructure managed services to augment the technical teams in your organization and make them more productive at a lower cost. This ensures that the business users have reliable and accurate information when they need it to provide quality service to their customers.

Your team probably have a lot to manage and the constantly changing world loads more pressure to be innovative. We work with clients, easing their burdens and increasing productivity. Everyone wants to do more with less and we want to help you achieve that.

Each customer has their own needs and we will work with you to ensure that you get the personalized, tailor-made service levels that you need to make the investment made in technology by your business successful. Our support model is flexible and will scale seamlessly with your business as you grow.

Our team will work with secure remote access to your systems whether they are on premise, hosted or in the cloud. We also arrange site visits as required, which is particularly useful for project work.

Specialized in supporting our Healthcare clients, we appreciate the need to support the improvement of the patient experience. We also have great expertise in education, government and retail where there are different objectives, every client is unique. Regardless of the industry, our focus is to understand the mission and provide services that will help you achieve your goals. We make it our business to know your business.


Personalized Solutions

You get a nominated team member who will learn your systems and understand your business.

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Professional, Reliable: Project Support

Do you want to take risk out of your projects? Our team deliver!

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Integrity, Confidentiality: We Care

Isn’t it easier when your support team understand and care about your business?

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Personalized, Simplified: Managed Services

Is managing databases, applications and vendors costing you productive hours? Our managed services are your solution!


BAS Technologies offer managed services, project support and supplementary services to assist your organization.

Security and Compliance Check

Are your systems secure and compliant with industry best practices? Is your software up to date and protecting you against …

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System Health Checks

Not sure how your systems match up to current best practices or trying to identify configuration discrepancies? Maybe you want …

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Performance Analysis

Our experienced team will analyse your Oracle or SQL Server databases systems to identify bottlenecks and bad performing queries. We …

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Established on the Gold Coast in 2013, BAS Technologies provide managed services and project support specializing in the health sector.

The Australian Gold Coast company, BAS Technologies Pty Ltd, was founded and owned by Simon and Amanda Smith as a Business Systems Consultancy in July 2013. Simon and Amanda subsequently founded the sister company BAS Technologies LLC based in Orlando, Florida in June 2016 to work with customers based in America and expanding the team capabilities. The organization has now grown to be a family of 15 team members supporting the common goal of giving our customers personalized, quality infrastructure software support services so that they can spend more time to focus on the success of their business.

BAS Technologies are also honored to have such a great range of customers, their continued support is critical to our business in supporting them. The relationships with our valued customers has been priceless and we are very thankful to them for helping our network growing through referrals and our reputation in providing quality support services. At BAS Technologies, the importance of excellent understanding of the products and quality customer relationship has ensured continued business and referrals. To maintain this quality of service BAS Technologies has partnered with major vendors such as Dell, Seagate, Microsoft and Oracle leveraging our partnerships in keeping current through insights and training programs to ensure that we can provide our customers with quality advice.

If you want to learn more about BAS Technologies then contact us now and perhaps you may join us in our journey.

Working with Health

BAS Technologies are experienced solution providers with expertise in both private and public health systems, delivering a quality patient experience. …

Cost reduction

In supporting these solutions, we leverage our vendor partnerships to get the best value deals for product licensing and have shown savings of up to 50% through negotiation, even more through careful product selection based on identifying clear requirement specifications.

Business Intelligence

BAS Technologies provided business analysis, solutions architect, business intelligence and integration specialist services for the whole life cycle of the operational data store (ODS) project for a Queensland Public Health Service. This project required the discovery, definition and specification of requirements to gather data from over 20 source systems to build an ODS that would provide data for reporting, controls and operational decision support. The ODS delivery has many integrations and we were required to liaise with multiple departments within the local health service and the greater state health service to ensure that we designed the solution with the correct layers of security and governance in protecting the data and data usage. After successfully delivering the ODS project on time and under budget, BAS Technologies provided Data Warehouse development services to build secure reporting data marts and interfaces for consumption by reporting services such as Qlik. Our staff transitioned the support of the delivered solutions to the in-house team providing them with full documentation and training.


We have in planned, designed, implemented and supported the Oracle infrastructure of DXC’s WebPAS patient administration systems for several private health organizations across Queensland and New South Wales. This has involved architecture of the infrastructure tailored for each organization’s environments, interacting with the clients and the vendors to provide reliable and scalable solutions. In supporting these solutions, we leverage our Oracle partnership to get the best value deals out of the vendor for product licensing and have shown savings of up to 50% through negotiation, even more through careful product selection based on identifying clear requirement specifications.

What our customers say

BAS Technologies are also honored to have such a great range of customers, we value their continued support.

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